Las Rubias del Norte

Since 2002, Giancarlo Vulcano has been playing electric guitar, with lots of vibrato and reverb, in Las Rubias del Norte. Fronted by Allyssa Lamb and Emily Hurst, Las Rubias is a showcase for the magnificent harmonies of these singers. The band’s repertoire ranges from classics of the Cuban and South American songbooks, to Songs of the PIoneers, to Bollywood, to Greek 60′s pop, to French 60′s pop, to Neapolitan Ballads, to the Mozart Requiem. Las Rubias have played festivals throughout the US and Europe, but are perhaps best enjoyed over drinks at their home base of Barbes, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The Dollars

The Dollars was started by Giancarlo Vulcano and bassist Taylor Bergren-Chrisman out of a shared loved for the music of South African composer and pianist Abdullah Ibrahim, aka Dollar Brand. While the band does play some of Ibrahim’s music, it mostly plays music by Vulcano and Bergren-Chrisman written in homage to the South African master, emphasizing space, simplicity of gesture, and hopefully exuding some of the calm one feels when in the audience at an Abdullah Ibrahim concert. The Dollars features Greg Stare on drums.