Giancarlo Vulcano

Giancarlo Vulcano grew up in midtown Manhattan, and continues to live and work in New York City.  His music, arrangements, and playing are heard every week on NBC’s “30 Rock,” where he has worked with composer Jeff Richmond since Season 1.Outside the show, he writes and performs for films, collaborates with visual artists, and performs frequently in NY and abroad.

Vulcano’s music is as varied as the situations that inspire it.  His first album Vetro consists largely of music for a museum show at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels in 2004, and was described by many as minimalist. Steve Smith wrote in Time Out: “if there is a minimalism at play, it’s that of Satie rather than Glass or Reich.”  Artist Doug Aitken recently used music from Vetro in his film “Frontier,” and it will be heard again this fall at New York MOMA’s show about new architecture.

Architecture is an important part of several other projects.  Vulcano is currently scoring the feature-length documentary “Unfinished Spaces,” directed by Alysa Nahmias and Ben Murray, about the creation and subsequent abandonment of the National Schools of Art in Havana. Vulcano also works closely with the Jean Pascal Flavien, most recently creating the music that is heard in his magnificent red house, “the viewer,” on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.

Along with the visual/performance artist Julien Bismuth, Vulcano composed a two hour cycle of science-fiction radio plays entitled “Monologues for Minerals.”  Originally recorded in 2007 to accompany a show of Bismuth’s salt paintings in Frankfurt, the pieces have since been performed in NY and throughout Europe.  Science-fiction themes are also present in Vulcano’s music for french artist Virginie Yaseff, whose pieces “Alloy,” “Pout le réveiller, il suffit d’un souffle,” and ” Il y a 150 millions d’années…” all feature Vulcano scores.

Giancarlo Vulcano has performed with Las Rubias del Norte, My Funny Detective, The Dollars, Lenny Pickett, Ian Riggs, Hang the Lights, and others.  As a guitarist Vulcano has performed on scores by John Davis, Wendy Blackstone, and is featured on the soundtrack of “Chelsea on the Rocks” by Abel Ferrara, album produced by Hal Willner.  He is producer, along with Hal Willner and composer Jeff Richmond, of the upcoming “The Music of 30 Rock” compilation.

Distant Second Records was created in 2010 to release the music of Giancarlo Vulcano.