A Letter from Bunita Marcus

January 21st, 2011

Distant Second would like to remind everybody once again about the Morton Feldman Lecture by Bunita Marcus this weekend. Dr. Marcus describes what she’ll be covering in this week’s Morton Feldman lecture. A rare chance to learn more about Feldman’s process and technique.

Dear Feldman Fans,

The first talk went extremely well, better than I expected really. (Our main camera died on us the night before the talk and we scrambled around trying to replace it at the last moment) We had a very good reception from all over the world including one man who got up at 3:00 am in Australia to hear us live. In Bergen Norway, an Art Gallery broadcast the whole thing to their audience. There were many questions at the end and everyone is looking forward to the final talk where I go into his composition in the most detail. I will also be discussing Feldman scholarship and the future of his innovations.

I’m looking forward to this last Lecture on Feldman. I will go over his compositional process in minute detail, step-by-step and look at his use of the grid, meter, serial aspects of his music, and the brilliant orchestration and rubato notation of the late works. We will study scores, vellums and manuscripts as well as listen to excerpts of works. In addition, I will also be demonstrating various concepts at the piano. I hope some of you can join us. For people attending in NYC, there will be an elevator this Sunday. You can read about it below on Facebook or Sequenza 21.
Bunita Marcus

Read about the talks here:

(January 8th posting)

You can buy tickets (discounts for students, seniors and limited income) here:


Please do not video tape, record this lecture, or provide the URL to others. You are on the honor system.
Please respect my efforts and work. Everyone is welcome to take notes.

I will be doing a DVD on the subject later this year. If you would like to be put on the mailing list for this and other Feldman talks, please email me at:b@bunitamarcus.com
Thanks, Bunita